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Georgia Terra Inc. - SIP Construction


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Structural Insulated panels for residential and commercial construction. Our custom SIP homes or commercial buildings have a low environmental impact, are more efficient, have less waste, and are sustainable sourced. Our Structural Insulated panels are the most energy-efficient and sustainable building panels. This results in homes and buildings that are more energy-efficient and healthier. SIPs provide an elegant design and minimize environmental impact during construction. Each home or commercial building SIPs will be made specifically for your project. Throughout the process, our skilled drafters give you the individual attention you deserve. The construction process is simple, eliminating delays and allowing you to move into your home or building much faster than traditional builds. Georgia Terra Inc. can help you find the best solution for your next project with SIPs.

Structural Insulated Panels
SIP House Panels
Structural Insulated Panels for Homes
SIPs for commercial and residential construction
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Michelle Edwards

Structural Insulated Panels

I recommend SIP house panels to those thinking about building a new home or renovating it. They provide a solidly constructed and energy-efficient structure and are cost-effective. The installation process is fast and straightforward, and the panels fit together perfectly. One of my favorite features is the level of insulation these panels provide. :) If you are considering building a home, check out the SIPs and talk with Elie at Georgia Terra.

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