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Olentangy Heating & Cooling


786 Tree Bend Dr
Westerville Ohio 43082
United States



Olentangy Heating & Cooling in Westerville, Ohio are a premier HVAC contracting company that have you and your loved ones, top of mind. As a heating contractor in Westerville, we can offer you cutting-edge equipment and help with furnace repair services and new furnace installations. We are also a top-performing air conditioning contractor and can install new air conditioning units using state-of the art technology. We also provide air conditioning repair services to keep your HVAC systems running at their best. Olentangy Heating & Cooling offers a range of products that can improve the air quality in your house. Reach out today to schedule your repair appointment or free estimate for new installation!


About Westerville

Westerville is a city in Franklin and Delaware counties in the U.S. state of Ohio. A northeastern suburb of Columbus, the population was 39,190 at the 2020 census. Westerville is the home of Otterbein University. Westerville was once known as "The Dry Capital of the World" for its strict laws prohibiting sales of alcohol and for being the home of the Anti-Saloon League, one of the driving forces behind Prohibition at the beginning of the 20th century. == History == === Native Americans === Cultures have inhabited the Westerville area for several millennia.



Client Reviews

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Long H

Westerville Heating and Cooling

One of the best heating and cooling experiences I've had when it comes to HVAC repairs in Westerville. I needed my furnace repaired and the tech was very knowledgeable and answered my questions. Even took a look at my air conditioning system that was making loud noises. Definitely will use again and highly recommend.

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Abram C

AC Repair Westerville OH

Life saving HVAC company. With the heat being in the 90's we were in drastic need of having our air conditioning unit repaired. They were fully booked but I explained we had a 5 day old newborn and we needed help. Went out of their way to squeeze us in and the tech stayed after hours to complete to work when he should have been home with his family by that time. WE ARE SO BLESSED to have found a company like this. I would recommend Olentangy Heating & Cooling for all of your heating and cooling. They had extremely good prices too! Win-win A+ company

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Hayleigh C

HVAC Contractor Westerville Ohio

We love using this Westerville heating and cooling company. Always come through when we need our hvac system repaired. Thanks for doing such a speedy job fixing our furnace.

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