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Publix Plans to Expand Its Lakeland Headquarters and Hire 700 More Employees

Publix Super Markets plans to expand its corporate offices in Lakeland, Florida, and hire 700 more people as a result of the expansion.

Publix stated on Thursday that it intends to complete the expansion by 2027, increasing the number of employees at the facility to 2,100 people.

Publix has submitted an application for economic incentives to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, and the company has stated in state filings that it expects to spend up to $25 million on the project. The amount of state incentives that Publix might be qualified for has not been disclosed.

“These extra positions will assist us in supporting our store colleagues as they continue to offer the exceptional service our customers demand,” said Todd Jones, CEO and President of Publix. “We are proud of the role we have played and will continue to play in the beautiful state of Florida,” said the company.

Rick Scott, the governor of Florida and a candidate for the United States Senate, was in Lakeland to make the announcement.

The addition of the Publix corporate offices will add about 190,000 square feet of space, bringing the total square footage of the facility to 510,000 square feet.

The company did not specify what kind of employment or salary will be available for new workers at the corporate headquarters.

The construction phase is expected to begin later this year. This structure is located southeast of downtown Lakeland and north of Lakeland Linder International Airport, which is home to the Publix supermarket chain.

Publix operates 1,198 locations in seven states, with 749 of them located in Florida. It also employs around 190,000 people.

Publix moved its headquarters to Lakeland in 2001 and has been there since. It started off with 800 people, but it has since expanded to 1,400 employees and more. Additionally, Publix has opened 500 new grocery shops and moved into other markets including as Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina since its founding in 1993.

For the year 2017, Publix had a $2.3 billion profit on revenue of $34.6 billion. Its stock is traded on a private exchange and is exclusively available to company workers and directors.

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